Walking-route Leiden Noord

Kooiplein (The Kooi Square) is a central place in Leiden North. This is a place where residents come together, but it’s also a junction where you can pass each other unnoticed while you’re on your way to work, school, the community center or the supermarket. Leiden North consists of the neighbourhoods De Kooi, Noorderkwartier and Groenoord. These historical districts where once the living area for the working-class of Leiden. In the last decade, these districts have become the scene of large-scale urban renewal. The neighbourhoods are in transition, houses are being renovated, and the municipality of Leiden has plans for the future of Leiden North. Our Leiden shows you a snapshot in time. A glimpse of nowadays Leiden North in 2021. We will take you with us through the streets to discover this place. Together with residents, we’ve created a city walk through Leiden North that consists of their favourite places. Check it out!

Social and cultural entrepreneur and theater maker Erik Olijerhoek (Roggeveen|Olijerhoek and Firma Verhalen) made an audiotour of the walking route. In this tour he also meets several residents of Leiden-North. You can listen to this below, it is in Dutch.

Audiotour Our Leiden - edition Leiden North (NL)

by Erik Olijerhoek


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We Are Leiden gebruikt verhalen die leven in de stad en haar wijken en geeft deze een podium. Het motto ‘mensen verbinden, verhalen maken’ staat bij ons centraal en zal dan ook altijd in onze projecten terug te vinden zijn.