edition Leiden North 2021
In ONS LEIDEN (Our Leiden) the residents of Leiden North show you the neighbourhoods and share their stories. This spring we collaborated with residents and youngsters from Leiden North to create an exhibition. Due to the lockdown, it was almost impossible to come together, but nevertheless we collected stories, for instance by interviewing residents in front of their homes.

The historical districts of Leiden North were once the living area for the working-class of Leiden. In the last decade, these districts have become the scene of large-scale urban renewal. The neighbourhoods are in transition, houses are being renovated, and the municipality of Leiden has plans for the future of Leiden North. Our Leiden shows you a snapshot in time. A glimpse of nowadays Leiden North in 2021. We will take you with us through the streets to discover this place. This spring, we collaborated with residents and youngsters to create this exhibition.

Our Leiden combines interviews with residents, whom we interviewed in front of their homes, with their own works of street photography led by photographer Sanneke Fisser. These images were shot during a walking tour that we created collectively by bringing together all the favourite places of the participating residents into one map. It is a selection of these photos as well as the walking route itself are part of the exhibition. Curious for the walking route? Download it here!

Some youngsters from Leiden North also participatie in the project. In collaboratie with SOL Leiden we organised a series of four meetings. They took pictures in the neighbourhoods and participatie in a writing project considering the question: what makes me feel at home here? Some text elements are part the exhibition.

From May 29 until June 23 you can visit the outdoor exhibition Ons Leiden on the Kooiplein, next to the most. This place is accessible to all passers-by so everyone can have a look at the stories from Leiden North. The exhibition will be opened by councilor Ashley North (Sustainability, Mobility & Public Space Management). The exhibition can be visited free of charge.

Social and cultural entrepreneur and theater maker Erik Olijerhoek (Roggeveen|Olijerhoek and Firma Verhalen) made an audiotour of the walking route. In this tour he also meets several residents of Leiden-North. You can listen to this below, it is in Dutch.

Audiotour Our Leiden - edition Leiden North

by Erik Olijerhoek

This walking route is part of the exhibition Our Leiden and is made possible with the support of the municipality of Leiden, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Fonds 1818 and Leiden400.


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We Are Leiden gebruikt verhalen die leven in de stad en haar wijken en geeft deze een podium. Het motto ‘mensen verbinden, verhalen maken’ staat bij ons centraal en zal dan ook altijd in onze projecten terug te vinden zijn.