About us

We Are Leiden is an initiative that since 2020 is led by four creative entrepreneurs from Leiden. We are: Eric, Marit, Renée and Anika.

Anika is a journalist and copywriter. She is the project leader for We Are Leiden and responsible for the strategy. She does a lot of yoga and likes to walk in her free time. She also drinks a lot of coffee at the office.

Renée is a freelance producer of major events, such as ‘De Nacht van de Vluchteling’ (Night of the Refugee). She is also project manager of the events and projects of We Are Leiden. Renée also loves cycling and even traveled around the world on her bicycle. Her favorite snack are nuts. 

Eric and Marit are graphic designers and together they founded Studio Kordaat in Leiden. They are responsible for the branding and communications of We Are Leiden. Marit loves to wear socks with avocado print on it and is always up for some intensive kickboxing workout. Eric prefers bike riding and likes to drink a nice beer after his trip.

From left to right: Eric van der Zwet, Anika van de Wijngaard, Renée Schmidt and Marit Turk

We Are Leiden was founded in 2017 to involve the cultural sector in the social domain in Leiden. It started as an initiative of Cultuurfonds Leiden and was developed in collaboration with theatre director and programmer Pepijn Smit.

In 2017 and 2018 we developed various projects, such as the Kick-off, Human Library and the City Dinner.



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We Are Leiden uses current stories and themes in town and her neighbourhoods and gives these a platform. Our slogan is: 'Connecting people, creating stories', which will always be seen in our projects.

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