We Are Leiden creates unique encounters in the city. Encounters between residents who haven’t met before, who may have little in common, but who all share the same hometown. We Are Leiden kicked off on August 27, 2017, in the old city center of Leiden. 150 Leiden locals gave personal tours to 150 new residents (residence permit holders, expats, and international students). We believe that knowing the right people can help you feel at home.

In the fall We Are Leiden is organizing the Human Library in BplusC (Nieuwstraat 4). We expect many more special encounters at the Human Library! During the event, visitors will meet people with unique life stories. Visitors can have one-on-one conversations and ask personal questions.

On November 23rd, We Are Leiden will go on a culinary world tour during the City Dinner. Using the ingredients of the classic ‘Leidse hutspot’ (Leiden Stew), we’ll prepare 10 delicious international dishes. And everyone is free to join for a bite to eat.

Upcoming projects

Human Library 

Date will be announced asap

13.00 – 17.00 hour

Nieuwstraat 4
2312 CK Leiden

‘Stadsdiner’ (City Dinner)

Thursday 23 November 2017

18.00 – 22.00 hour

Grand Café De Burcht
Burgtsteeg 14
2312 JS Leiden

Part of:

Supported by:

Cultuurfonds Leiden
Leiden, city of discoveries
Stadslab Leiden
Expat Centre
Fonds 1818

We Are Leiden is the name under which Stichting Stadsprogrammering initiates, organises and programs several projects. We Are Leiden uses current stories and themes in town and her neighbourhoods and gives these a platform. Our slogan is: 'Connecting people, creating stories', which will always be seen in our projects.

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