A city consists of buildings, streets, alleyways. Yet it’s the people who live in the city that are the reason why a place becomes special and authentic. It’s the local, the student, the doctor, the streetmender, the expat or the refugee. It’s everyone you see, but usually don’t meet. And it’s also the people you don’t see.

All these people, living in the city, form our local society and for them Leiden has a special meaning. We Are Leiden organised various projects and events in Leiden since 2017, where connecting all the various city residents was the main aim.

We also want to share the stories of the people we meet and who participate in our projects. This is the reason why We Are Leiden is an event organization as well as a storytelling-platform for heart-whole and personal stories and for other connecting initiatives that arise in the city.

Our mission is: “Connecting people, creating stories”

Our projects start with the search for current themes that are important in the city and neighborhoods. Once we have found them, we will work together with artists and creatives to translate them into cultural projects and events. We have already done this with the theme: “Newcomers to the city”.

Our vision is that people in the city find it important to connect with other people who live in Leiden, and that everyone has their own unique story to share.

For our projects, we try to work together with as many local partners as possible. From neighborhood-associations to artist-collectives.

We Are Leiden & the corona virus
We Are Leiden wants to organize new projects and events in Leiden in 2020, but we must comply with the measures taken by the Dutch Government against the spread of the corona virus.

What we can do in the near future is to focus on the personal stories of people living in Leiden. Besides this, we would also like to generate more attention for other connecting initiatives and projects that arise during this time.

From a card service to support lonely elderly people to a buddy-program for refugees that now enables digital encounters between people who join the project. If you know or see connecting initiatives emerging in the city or your neighborhood? Let us know!



Almost 150 residents from Leiden and 150 newcomers gathered at Museum Volkenkunde to participate in the second edition of the Kick-Off.


In March 2018 we organized the Human Library in BplusC with many special encounters! During the event, you could meet people with unique life stories. 

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We Are Leiden uses current stories and themes in town and her neighbourhoods and gives these a platform. Our slogan is: 'Connecting people, creating stories', which will always be seen in our projects.

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